Glamping in Moab, Utah

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to plan an amazing road trip and I knew I had to include some glamping *glamorous camping* in our itinerary. I’ve heard a lot about glamping recently as it’s been a growing trend among lovers of nature and comfort. I was instantly drawn to the idea of glamping because I love being in nature and soaking up that Pachamama energy but I’m also a bit intimidated by the idea of “roughing it” with camping. 

I don’t exactly daydream over the idea of peeing in a public toilet or in nature and, because I have a hard time getting restful sleep as it is, I prefer a legit mattress to sleep on. Call me whatever you want but I love to be comfortable. And, to tell you the truth, not being comfortable triggers some anxiety for me.

We ended up glamping at Under Canvas Moab in one of their Deluxe tents. I picked this tent, as opposed to to a Safari tent, because Deluxe tents have their own toilet and shower inside the tent, where as the Safari does not (like I said, I like to be comfortable). It made such a big difference for us to not have to go out into the wild to go to the bathroom or to shower (I’m being super dramatic, it was just slightly intimidating desert space)! Our tent also had a sink and a wood burning stove that kept us nice and cozy at night when it got cold.

My husband, being Parisian-born, was concerned with what wildlife we might encounter in the desert (huge spiders are super scary!) but after asking the staff, we learned that there were really only mice and rabbits.

I absolutely loved being able to walk outside of our beautiful, rustic tent onto our wooden deck and into the richness of Moab. Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park are located within about a 10-minute drive and the city center is only about a 15-minute drive away so we never ever had to worry about food or any other common needs because everything was so central!

Of course, if we did have the urge to make some corn on the cob, they had barbecues for guests! And as long as the wind wasn’t too strong, the staff provided a bonfire and s’mores ingredients. every. single. night. They also have a club house (club tent?) with tea, coffee, water, fruit, games and a seating area.

Get this… there are also activities! Guests can choose to participate in yoga and art classes. I think there may have even been a walking botany class? …but don’t quote me on that. It was an awesome little home away from home for the few nights we stayed there and the change of scenery was super refreshing.

Under Canvas has 7 locations total in the U.S. and in Canada which I hope we get to visit at some point. It’s the best of both worlds, right?